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Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing is determined by the size, pattern, quality and quantity you order, which can vary depending on your specific needs. We invite potential clients to inquire about pricing for linen rentals by calling us at 1.866.723.5755 or by using our Request a Quote tool. Please be as specific as possible in telling us your linen needs and quantity so that we can provide an accurate quote.

Groovy Linen will provide quotes to ship anywhere in Canada and the USA. Delivery times and cost will vary depending on your location.

You can place a linen order by using our Request a Quote tool to specify your linen, quantity and colour. We will then email you a Rental Contract/Agreement with the products and specifications listed for your review and approval. To secure the date of your event, you must return the signed Rental Confirmation/Agreement along with a 50% non-refundable deposit.

We highly recommend that you make a reservation to ensure that your linen rental is available when you need it. You can do this by using our Request a Quote tool.

We recommend making a reservation as soon as you make a decision on the linen you would like to rent. As a guideline, we recommend making a reservation 3-6 months in advance, especially during the busy wedding season. Your reservation will only be finalized once we receive your 50% non-refundable deposit.

Yes, you can! You can make quantity changes – as long as product is available – up to 4 business days prior to your order date. You can also decrease the amount of linen you order by up to 20% if needed. We simply ask that you keep us informed of any changes to your linen needs as your event planning unfolds.

We must charge for all linens delivered or shipped to the client. It’s a good idea to order a few extra linens to accommodate any last minute additions or changes to your event.

We charge clients a 50% non-refundable deposit when they reserve their linen rental. If you choose to cancel your reservation, this deposit will not be refunded under any circumstances.

If items have not been returned or have been returned in a condition that means they cannot be used again, we will charge the client a replacement fee. Linen can be damaged beyond repair from burn marks, candle wax, holes, stains and mildew, to name a few examples. The replacement fee is generally equal to four to six times the rental price of each piece of linen. Additionally, any linen that is not returned within three business days following the event may be subject to additional rental charges.

Firstly, we recommend packing your linen in the bags provided by Groovy Linen – do not use your own plastic bags. Secondly, never attempt to wash or launder the linen yourself. Groovy Linen will take care of all linen washing when the products are returned. You can help us out by ensuring that any food is removed from the linen before packing it into bags. Under no circumstances should you pack linen if it is damp or wet – this can cause mildew or stains.

Some other causes of permanent damage are crayons, markers, chocolate fondue sauce, candle wax, or anything else that can cause a permanent stain. A tip to prevent wax stains or burn holes is to ask the people taking down your linen to snuff candles rather than blow them out.

This depends on the size and shape of the tables being used for your event. If you know the exact dimensions of your table, the team at Groovy Linen would be happy to help you find the right tablecloth size. Visit the Linen 411 page to view our table and chair sizing chart. Or give us a call at 1.866.723.5755 to speak with a Groovy Linen representative directly.

We have a variety of chair covers to fit many different chair sizes and styles and have provided products and installations for a wide variety of venues and events around the city – let Groovy’s linen experts help guide your choice in chair covers. To ensure that you choose the perfect cover for your needs, we recommend testing the product on your chairs prior to finalizing your reservation. This is the best way to guarantee that your linen rental will be exactly what you need on the day of your event.

Groovy Linen buys batches of linen multiple times per year, allowing us to keep our inventory fresh, trendy and in perfect condition for every customer. If you don’t see the product you’re looking for, please contact us directly and a Groovy representative will help you find the perfect chair cover for your event!

Groovy Linen’s dye lot inventory may vary between orders. As linen becomes older or damaged it is removed from our inventory and replaced with a new product. These new products typically come from different manufacturing runs. which can vary slightly in colour. Additionally, some pieces within a colour or style lot are rented more frequently than other pieces, which can affect their specific dye lot.

The showroom samples at Groovy Linen are very good representations of our inventory. However, due to the situations described in this section, please be advised that the appearance of one piece of linen may vary slightly from another in your order. In the case of variations, our preparation staff will do its best to match colour hues within an order. If colour perfection is an absolute requirement, please discuss this with the team at Groovy Linen. We will then determine if additional pieces can be ordered at an additional cost to the customer.

Shake all linen free of food and debris before packing them for return. If your linens became damp or wet during an event, let them air-dry before you pack them in the return bags provided. This will help prevent mildew and other damage to the linens, which will result in a replacement charge. If you need to hold onto the linens for a few days to dry, please let us know ahead of time to avoid additional rental charges.