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At Groovy Linen, we love to help people put on amazing events. It’s kind of what we do! And by doing what we do, we’ve have the privilege of providing linen to some of Ottawa’s most exciting gala events, weddings, corporate fundraisers and a wide range of other amazing parties at the city’s best venues.

As if just being invited to these incredible events wasn’t enough, our partnerships (and friendships) with hundreds of people and organizations around the city have helped us build a thriving community of supporters and fans.

We love to share updates about what’s going on at Groovy, our events, and even sometimes throw out the odd splash of event planning advice to help with your next party. There might even be a cat photo or two if you’re lucky!

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Surprisingly, the best source of Groovy news is – wait for it – the Groovy Linen social network. Crazy, right?

So what does that mean for you, you ask? Well, if you’d like to receive regular updates on what’s happening at Groovy, some great tips and articles to help make your event a night to remember, or want to get behind the scenes peaks at some of the best events in Ottawa (and maybe some cat photos), then follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook right now.

We’d love to have you join the Groovy Community!