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Groovy Linen Services

All of our linen products include DIY pricing options that allow you to install and set up your linen purchase exactly the way you want it. For event planners who are in a hurry, Groovy Linen offers a wide range of linen services that cover every step of the rental process – from sale to installation to takedown.

Linen Delivery or Pickup

When you make a linen reservation, you have the option to specify whether you want to pickup your order personally or have it delivered to you. Our delivery services are offered for all clients in Ottawa. For out of town clients, please see the “Linen Shipping” section below for more details.

Linen Installations and Takedowns

Groovy Linen has a team of linen experts that can help bring your event to life with fast and reliable installations for our linen products. Our team has years of experience setting up linen arrangements for a wide variety of events and themes, and can install your products to match your exact vision and specifications at an additional cost to your rental.

Linen installations can be a lengthy and complicated process, depending on the complexity of your design and the venue’s current decor. If you’re short on time, or would prefer to leave the linen installation process to the experts, the team at Groovy Linen can help you out with fast and reliable service.

We also offer complete takedown services of all of our linen products following the event so you know your linen rentals are returned safe and sound without any damage.

Clean Linen Rentals Every Time

Many rental companies make their customers handle laundering their rental products after the event, which can cause issues with the longevity and quality of the linen for future use. At Groovy Linen, we take care of all laundering. This allows us to closely monitor the quality, colour and condition of each and every linen product we carry, while also taking pressure off of our clients.

This dedication to always ensuring that our linen is clean, fresh and in perfect condition allows us to consistently provide the highest-quality linen products to future clients.

Linen Shipping

If you live out of town and you would like to take advantage of our high-quality and affordable linen, we’ll ship your order for an added cost. Our shipping service is perfect for anyone who lives outside of Ottawa, or anyone organizing an out-of-town event and needs linen shipped to their venue.

Simply specify your order using the Request a Quote tool and we’ll help work out the details before your reservation is finalized.

Linen Design Consultations

With almost a decade of experience in linen rentals and installation, the team at Groovy Linen has made many industry connections and partners to help you with linen design. If you need a complete interior design consultation for your event as well as linen, let us know and we can pass you on to one of our many linen design experts.

We also regularly work with some of Ottawa’s best caterers, planners and florists and are more than happy to share our knowledge of event planning with our clients.

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