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The Linen 4-1-1

Groovy Linen 4-1-1

Below is a list of the most common table sizes and shapes that match Groovy Linen’s product rental inventory. Contact Groovy Linen today if you have any questions about our sizing options.


Groovy Linen Glossary

Groovy Linen carries the largest inventory of top-quality linen in Ottawa. Read through our Groovy Linen Glossary to learn more about the premium linen products we carry.

Depending on the size and shape of your table, Groovy Linen clients have a wide range of round, rectangular, square or fitted tablecloths to choose from for their events.

Table runners refer to a thin strip of linen laid across the top of a tablecloth that acts as an accent to your table arrangement. These can vary widely in shape, style and colour, depending on the tablecloths and theme you choose for your event. Groovy Linen stocks a wide variety of high-quality table runners to match your exact needs and theme.

Rounding out the table arrangement are the table skirts, which again can vary widely in colour, size, shape and style. Skirts are a decorative sheet that runs along all sides of the table to create a long, flowing linen design from the top of the table to the floor.

Quality linen napkins can act as a classy and trendy accent to any table arrangement for your formal event. Groovy Linen carries linen napkins made out of a wide variety of materials, including satin and cotton, which can be used for any theme and event. Our linen napkins range from basic, solid-coloured designs to intricate specialty products typically used at more formal or trendy events.

Chair covers are a single piece of fitted linen that is installed over the chairs at your event to create a beautiful, unified colour and style throughout the room. Chair covers can be loose-fitting, allowing linen to flow down to the floor, or tight-fitting, elastic material. The perfect chair cover depends on the type of event, theme and colour scheme. Groovy Linen stocks all major chair cover styles in a wide variety of colours and linen material. We’ll help you find the right style, fit and colour for your event.

Chair sashes are used as an accent piece to your chair arrangements and are typically fitted on the back of the chair, over top of the cover. They can be a solid strip of fabric or a thin, elegant bow tied to the back of the chair. The style, colour and fabric used in your chair sash can vary greatly depending on the event. Groovy Linen has an inventory of chair sashes to match any design.

Aisle runners are an excellent addition to any wedding or awards event that wants to accent the main aisle in the room. Groovy Linen’s aisle runners vary in length, colour and style and can be matched to any event or theme. Whether you’re looking for a regal red, a plain white or a completely unique aisle runner for your event, Groovy Linen has a trendy, high-quality product for you. Our team will help install your aisle runner if you require any assistance.

A backdrop is a large sheet of linen that provides a clean, uniform slate behind the head table or stage at your event. Backdrops are perfect if your venue uses pre-existing decor that doesn’t match your theme, of if your head table will be the focal point of your event. Groovy Linen carries a wide range of backdrop styles, including modern black, old and romantic gold, and out-of-the-box trendy to match any theme and event.

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