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Pumpkin Orange Overlay

Pumpkin Orange Overlay

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A pumpkin orange overlay is a decorative table covering designed to add a warm and festive touch to dining settings. Typically used for special occasions, events, or seasonal decor, this overlay is characterized by its vibrant pumpkin orange color, reminiscent of the autumn season.

They are placed over a base tablecloth to add an extra layer of color, texture, or pattern. The pumpkin orange overlay can be particularly popular for fall-themed events, Thanksgiving celebrations, or any occasion where a lively and warm color scheme is desired.

The overlay's pumpkin orange hue adds a bold and seasonal element to the table, creating a visually appealing focal point. Whether used on its own or combined with other complementary table linens, the pumpkin orange overlay contributes to a festive and inviting atmosphere.


72" x 72"

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